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Here’s where you can find all my past blog posts, in order of most recent to earliest. Enjoy!

Cooking with Arthropods: A Thanksgiving Special

You know you’ve always wanted to add crickets to your Thanksgiving menu.

My Bellhop is a Katydid

They’d be super helpful to have in an arthropod hotel.

Mud Daubers, or Spider Serial Killers?

When the weather gets hot, no arachnid is safe.

Top Ten Wacky Facts about Lobsters

It’s about time we discuss the ultimate arthropod, and what better way to do so than with a top-ten list?

Greg the Spider: An ArthroBlogger Halloween Tale

You weren’t expecting to hear from me today, were you? If I get the chance to upload two Halloween posts in one season, you’d better believe I’m going to do it!

Ghost Crabs: A Halloween Special

It’s the first ArthroBlogger Halloween special! Can I get a what-what?

Water Striders: Vampires of the Arthropod World

Even the arthropods are getting their spook on this October. Creepy crawlies unite!

Beautiful, Terrifying Mantis Shrimp

They’re cute, they’re colorful, and they’re downright menacing.

Flies: Our Misunderstood and Very Permanent Houseguests

Whether you like it or not, flies literally need you to survive.

Sand Fiddlers Have Faces

I’ve never seen a sand fiddler’s face before, and now I know why – I’ve been looking for it on the wrong end.