Welcome, arthropod enthusiasts!

As a lover of all animals with an exoskeleton, I’m here to share why bugs are cool and big animals drool. Check out the latest posts for random facts about crustaceans, insects, and arachnids that you never knew you wanted to know! Plus, you’ll get to hear some fun stories about my frequently comical interactions with all sorts of arthropods. I hope you enjoy your time on The ArthroBlogger!

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Who is the ArthroBlogger?

Hi, I’m Morgan! I’m a Christian, North Carolinian biology student with a passion for the creepy-crawlies, most of whom I don’t think are actually creepy at all. Do you think butterflies are creepy? I didn’t think so. There’s more to the phylum Arthropoda than meets the eye, so I’m here to spread some love for our tiny, many-legged friends.

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