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Here’s where you can find all my past blog posts, in order of most recent to earliest. Enjoy!

Top Ten Arthropod Disguises

The phylum Arthropoda is full of deception.

The Beetle that Only Eats Asparagus

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? If you said asparagus, I just found your new favorite arthropod.

Magnificent Mole Crickets

It’s a shame they aren’t more well known, because these are some of the cutest and coolest insects I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Icky, Sticky Velvet Worms

If a slug and a millipede had a baby, it would probably look something like this.

Cleaner Shrimp: Dentists of the Coral Reef

Every good saltwater fish tank needs its arthropodan dentist.

Giant Weta: The Cricket the Size of a Hamster

Imagine walking through a pet store and coming face-to-face with an insect the size of your fist.

Don’t Touch the Disembodied Mustache

Beware the living mustaches!

Dance of the Balloon Flies

Valentine’s Day is almost here, so it’s time to talk about arthropods in love again.

Indestructible Tardigrades

You’ve seen black bears, polar bears and panda bears, but there’s one bear out there you’ve probably never heard of. And chances are it’s living in your tap water.

If Alexander Hamilton Was a Spider…

Today is Alexander Hamilton’s birthday. If you’d like to know what that could possibly have to do with arthropods, you ought to “Meet Me Inside” this post! …I promise that was better before I realized quoting song lyrics was a copyright violation.