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Here’s where you can find all my past blog posts, in order of most recent to earliest. Enjoy!

An Awkward Way to Hitchhike

This post was inspired by a comic I saw on Instagram by @rosemarymosco. Looks like good things can come from social media after all.

The Mysteries of the Pom-Pom Crab

Featuring special guests from outside the phylum Arthropoda: sea anemones! That’s phylum Cnidaria for anyone who’s curious.

Sailing with Bed Bugs: Arthropods Aboard the Mayflower

All right everyone, spooky season is over, time for Christmas—oh, I mean Thanksgiving, of course. Time to talk about pilgrim arthropods!

Spooky Scary Sea Spiders

Just when you thought the ocean couldn’t get any scarier.

The Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede

That’s their name, don’t wear it out.

All That Glitters… Might Be Goldbugs

They all have hearts of gold.

All Aboard the Railroad Worms!

“This train is bound for glowing, this train…”

Don’t Shake Hands with a Coconut Crab

You probably shouldn’t shake hands with crabs in general, but with this one especially, it’s not a good idea.

Top Ten Arthropod Disguises

The phylum Arthropoda is full of deception.

The Beetle that Only Eats Asparagus

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? If you said asparagus, I just found your new favorite arthropod.