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Here’s where you can find all my past blog posts, in order of most recent to earliest. Enjoy!

Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Tarantula?

Guess who’s not so big and bad after all?

Horrible Horseflies

They’re the bane of every pool party.

Moth Appreciation Post

Show me a butterfly and I’ll show you a moth that’s twice as gorgeous.

Adventures in Owning Crickets

Sometimes jumping spider food can make a better pet than the jumping spider.

Rafiki the Jumping Spider

Rafiki was a fun temporary pet – emphasis on “temporary.”

For the Love of Mega Roly Polies

If you cross a roly poly with Darth Vader and stick it at the bottom of the ocean, that’s basically a giant isopod.

Powerful Pistol Shrimp

If you thought mantis shrimp were cool, you’re going to love these guys.

Bungee-Jumping Inchworms

I never knew how annoyed I was with peppered moths until I wrote this post.

Top Ten Arthropods Whose Names Need to Change

Y’all know it was only a matter of time before I made a post like this. I just love renaming arthropods.

Stupendous Stick Insects

Someone really ought to base a superhero off of stick insects, they’re kinda incredible.